Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project life for The Rubber Buggy

Hi everyone!

Remember I showed you earlier how to embrace the project life style without having to spend your money on journaling and filler cards. (HERE)
Well, today I'll show you how I used those cards. I just did a spread of my weekend in London last October. It was my first visit and as you see I took snap shots of some tourist attractions - LOL!

I've also cut the small alphas from the design paper and stuck the tiny pieces to doublesided scoretape - works like a sticker after that.

Products used from the store:
Prima 6x6pad, almanac
Prima washi tape, divine
Prima washi tape, engraver
Tim Holtz tissue tape
Sticker sheets
Score tape 

I hope you liked it.
Thank you for visiting!


  1. I recently discovered Project Life and you have the nicest looking journaling cards that I have seen.

    1. Thank you Lani, so sweet of you to stop by:)
      I hope you enjoy PL!