Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Belated december daily for the Rubber Buggy

Hi everyone!

Yikes! Time does fly, doesn't it?
Can you believe that we're already past one a half month into 2015?

I have just finished my December daily and I'm a bit disappointed in myself, but I'll learn from my mistakes and am just glad to get it done, at the moment...

This was my first serious attempt, I've been watching other people's Dec daily on youtube and was really excited. But I chose the wrong format. I was trying to fit it in my 12x12 PL album, thinking that it would work on a weekly basis as my regular PL - well... WRONG!!!

I had the worst time trying to fit photos, journaling and embellishment in that small space... I should have known better... My regular PL contains alot of photos. I probably has thousands of photos of my darling, now 4 months old (?!), baby boy. At last, hybrid scrapbooking turned out to be the solution. So I have been fiddeling with photoshop too...

Next year I will try to make a 12x12 per day instead. I got the wonderful idea from this talented lady on youtube. Nicole911 - you probably already know her ;)
And the best part is, I can get started much much earlier than December. I did consider chucking my poor attempt for 2014 and start over. But as I'm including it in my son's "first year" I didn't want it to take up so much space, compared to the rest of the year.

I have to admit, the photos lies - as I don't want to show photos of my baby (oh, believe me. I do want to show him off, but am afraid the pics could end up in wrongful hands), I have added some other more neutral pics.

Products used from the store:
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Lawn Fawn stamp set Deck the halls

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