Thursday, September 17, 2015

DT-package and order from The Rubber Buggy

Hi everyone!

I'm here with an unusual blogpost today.
I normally doesn't share my DT-packages and orders on my blog, but rather on my Youtube - though not always...

But I was so super happy with this one I promised in my video I would put the links to all product in a blogpost. So here it goes, just remember - everything is from The Rubber Buggy:


Lawn Fawn Toboggan together stamp set
Lawn Fawn Togoggan together coordinating dies
Lawn Fawn Sweet Christmas stamp set 
Lawn Fawn Sweet Christmas coordinating dies

Love these stamps so much, I so happy you get so much result and effect with so little effort. They are superquick to color - great, since my crafting time has been way limited and that's me on maternity leave. I have no idea what will become of me when I go back to work - LOL!

I admit, you might find the coordinating dies a bit much if you don't have the budget. Since they are so small they are quickly fuzzy cut. I agree, especially if I were only to cut one piece for a project. However, I tend to multicolor a whole lot of them and keep for later, thus I find it really clever to be able to cut all out at once.

Lawn Fawn Let's Polka collection 12x12
Lawn Fawn Beachside collection 6x6
Lawn Fawn Beachside collection 12x12
Lawn Fawn Let's bokeh in the snow collection 6x6
Lawn Fawn Let's bokeh in the snow collection 12x12

As I mentioned in my video, the 6x6 papers are not doublesided, but the 12x12 papers are. I think I would almost have preferred if the 12x12 papers were singlesided too, since I'm going to have a hard time deciding what side I'm going to use - LOL!

Loving the manufacture strips on all papers, so you wont see me throw those away.

Stamping supplies:

Lawn Fawn ink pad soot
Ranger embossing powder Liquid platinum

Honestly, I haven't had time to play with the embossing powder yet. But I will soon, as I have an urge to make Christmas cards again - LOL!

But the soot ink pad works splendid. I find it more to be a really dark brown, but nonetheless brown and not at all black. I hope that they will make a really dark grey-blue mix too. That would really make my day. Or do any of you have any great tips for a really really dark blue, almost black?

Thank you for visiting and if you watched my video!

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