Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Altered bird cage for MB's Treasurista

Hello peeps!

I want to show a bird cage that I altered.


It started with a holder for a small candle, but I tucked the bird inside the cage instead.
It was also white to start with, but some acrylic paint and voila :)
It's a sand acrylic paint and I mixed a turquoise pearl paint with the same sand acrylic and got a gorgeous green.
That really made a differens and the rest is easy!


I made some candy gem acrylic sprays cling to the bird cage in yellow and green.
Then I hot glued some ruffled satin trim in celadon, which match the colour of my acrylic paint perfectly. I also had some flat back pearl in mint from Misty with went perfect with the colour palette.

 I wanted to make a nest inside the cage and twined some more of the candy gem sprays in yellow and green to act as twigs. As egg I used the water blut flat back 10mm, they also fitted perfectly in the middle of the flowers on the bird cage, but I ran out of them :(
The small sweetheart blossom was the perfect size and super sweet as I tucked it on the "inside".

I added some acrylic chandilier charms to the chain and that's pretty much it :D

Products from the MB's Treasurista store:
Candy gem acrylic spray
Ruffled satin trim, celadon
Flat back pearl trim, mint
Sweet heart blossom
Flat back pearl 10mm, water blue
Lovebirds flat back cabochon
Acrylic Icicle Crystals

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